Whether your are facing a civil infraction, a misdemeanor or felony, criminal charges are serious and can affect both your freedom and wallet now and in the future. When faced with criminal charges, you need an attorney in your corner, who knows your rights and will aggressively advocate on your behalf. At Metro Detroit Injury Lawyers, we understand that facing charges is a scary and unnerving. That is why it is our mission to provide you with zealous and competent representation at all stages of the criminal process.


Whether you are buying or selling a home, the importance of having a competent attorney review your land sale contract cannot be understated. Making sure the written instrument reflects your complete understanding of the agreement will save the costs of future litigation.


Regardless of whether you are a landlord or tenant, the Metro Detroit Injury Lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you navigate through the complex and intricate issues that arise with landlord tenant law.


Planning ahead ensures that your loved ones are taken care of in the unfortunate event of your incapacitation or death. It is important that your wishes related to your health, finances, and property be respected. You want your family protected from the stress and uncertainty that arises when you have not planned for the future. Contact the Metro Detroit Injury Lawyers today and we will help you strategize an individualized plan to fit your specific needs. No one knows what tomorrow holds, but the Metro Detroit Injury Lawyers will give you the piece of mind and security of knowing your loved ones are protected.


Divorce or separation is an agonizing decision that no couple envisions at the onset of marriage. However, if you are considering divorce or separation, there are important legal decisions that need to be made. We will work with you to ensure that your needs, and the needs of your family are protected.