“My wife was in a horrible auto accident. The other driver ran a stop sign doing about 45 MPH and hit the drivers side of my wife’s vehicle. It was the most difficult situation that we have ever had to go through but Cameron made it much easier for us. His attention to detail and care for us was amazing. If we had any trouble with the insurance companies he was right there to defend us and help us. Cameron walked us through each step of the process and we were thoroughly surprised at how hard he worked for us. We were able to settle the case quickly and much easier than we ever would have thought. If we would have went to another law firm it would have been more difficult and I’m sure we would have been just numbers on a page to them. We are so glad we had Cameron as our attorney.”
— Keith
“Metro Detroit Injury Lawyers just recently completed a legal matter for our company. This critical issue was resolved quickly and effectively by Mr. Peralta, and the end result was better than we had anticipated. Rarely do I ever feel compelled to provide my feedback about people or businesses that I have interacted with, however in this particular case, I felt it worthy of complimenting Mr. Peralta publicly. His influential negotiating apparently brought about a quick and speedy resolution. Well done Mr. Peralta!!”
— Jeff
“Words can not express how thankful I am to have had Mr. Cameron T. Peralta as my injury lawyer. Mr. Peralta was very helpful, patient, detail oriented and just the BEST. Thank you for everything.”
— Katrina
“Thank you for everything you are doing for [redacted]’s case. We believe in you 100%. You are 1st class”
— Current Client
“Thank you so much for everything you have done for me. I felt so lost and helpless when I contacted you for advice. You have been incredibly generous with your time and resources and I truly cannot thank you enough. You and your firm are such a blessing for those of us who don’t have the means to speak and act on our own behalf. Thank you thank you.”
— Kathy
“With Metro Detroit Injury Lawyers, I always received a prompt response to my calls and always knew the status of my case.”
— Deni