Metro Detroit Injury Lawyers reached an $80,000 settlement on a premises liability case involving a serious knee injury to a woman who tripped over an exposed, elevated bolt on the sidewalk of a Metro Detroit business. 

The small bolt was located on the sidewalk between the store’s door and the parking lot. Employees of the store stated that the bolt was normally covered up by a trash can in order to prevent customers from tripping on it. On the day of our client’s fall however, someone had emptied the trash and neglected to put it back in its correct location. The bolt, which was elevated 1-2 inches above the sidewalk, was small and difficult to see from a standing position. When our client left the store, she walked to her car and tripped on the bolt landing violently on her knee. She was immediately taken to the emergency room and underwent surgery a few days later. 

The insurance company for the property owner attempted to argue that the bolt was  open and obvious in an effort to limit their liability. After tense negotiations, the insurance company relented and agreed to settle the claim for $80,000. 

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