Metro Detroit Injury Lawyers recently settled a case involving an assault and battery of a U.S. veteran at a Metro Detroit restaurant for $95,000.

Earlier this year, our client walked into a Metro Detroit restaurant on a January evening to get something to eat. He approached the counter and began asking a few questions about the menu. Shortly after, the employee taking his order began arguing with him. After the restaurant’s manager told the employee to leave and cool down, the employee used her cell phone to call two associates who drove up to the restaurant and attacked our client, punching and kicking him several times in the face, neck and back.

Numerous customers witnessed the attack and immediately called 911. Police quickly arrived at the scene and saw our client with significant bruising on his face and neck. Our client was taken to the emergency room with complaints of eye, head, neck and back pain with significant swelling. A CT scan ruled out a fracture, however, our client continued to suffer pain, mainly in his head and neck, for months afterwards necessitating an MRI and ultimately physical therapy. 

The insurance company for the restaurant attempted to mitigate their liability by downplaying our client’s injuries. Our office stressed the irregular cervical MRI coupled with the fact that our client was completely innocent in the altercation. Furthermore, he was attacked on the same side of his neck that had been surgically repaired less than a year ago.

After settlement discussions initially stalled, our office ultimately negotiated a 280% increase in the insurance company’s initial offer and the case settled for $95,000.

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